The Growth that Keeps Us All Children

Children often dream to grow faster, being anxious to become adults. Parents usually track the process of this growth by marking the height of their kid on the wooden door at home. Every inch is a cause of happiness.

Yet, there comes the time when the growth of the child is no longer measurable by the marks on the door frame. Slowly, growth enters another dimension, where the height becomes subjected to the degree of emancipation. At that point, parents normally judge their beloved child by how well the kid can take care of itself, make its own bed, prepare the food alone, be safe on the way from school and take responsibility for its misdeeds.

However, many children grow taller without ever becoming real adults. Currently, 33 % of the young adults are still living at home under the care of their relatives. While many never learn how to emancipate themselves, others eventually get up from the couch and go out to find a proper job.

A job, as part of an economic cycle, largely keeping the economy in a stage, where marking the next inch on the wooden door is still a cause for celebration, sadly not a driving force for emancipation.

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Understanding News Consumption and User´s Attitudes

The power of social media grows with every second of the time.

Digitalization spreads at the speed of light, putting more and more people in connection online. Following latest data sets, Facebook seems to play an important role in the life of 1.18 billion people, who tent to use the platform on daily bases and with that number account for total of 17% increase year over year. With five new profiles being opened every second, Facebook succeeds in attracting more people than any other digital platform or company so far.

Once realizing the enormous power of the social media, being able to catch the attention of large amount of digital users, it is essential to investigate how this power relates to news content and the spreadability of information. Continue reading “Understanding News Consumption and User´s Attitudes”

Media Hunger and Election Games 2016

ARE YOU ALL HUNGRY FOR THE NEXT ELECTIONS?                                                                                                                                                    WE KNOW WE ARE!

November, 2016

2016 was a year rich of surprises for the modern political scene. If the result of the Brexit referendum presented an earthquake, then another powerful shockwave was felt when Trump officially became the next president of the United States. Yet, nowhere else was the ground shaking stronger than on the mainstream media surface.

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The True Value of Reading Books

Think about it. How do you imagine a perfect night spend on your own? What do you necessary take with you when you are preparing for a trip? What happens if you are forced to wait for a long time and you are wondering how to occupy the dragging minutes of stillness – what would you grab first?

If the answer to all these questions is a book, then you and me – we are more alike than you imagine.

With the following lines I seek to explain the huge role books play in my life and how reading has helped me overcome personal challenges, gather hope when needed and expand the limits of my imagination. My attempt is to express the real value of reading, which I so often witness to be misunderstood by lots of people. Continue reading “The True Value of Reading Books”

Sickness is the new Health

Have you noticed we are sick all the time? And no, in this context, I do mean physically sick, not only mentaly, which is sort of obvious.

Big cities are contagious. Currently, I live in Brussels, Belgium and here every week at least one or two of the people I know is catching a fleu, having some physical exhaustion or simply not feeling quite alright. I wonder whether this is a state of living that needs to be so easily accepted or in fact we ought to consider whether not being in our best physical form is an issue we have to address seriously.

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Там и никъде

Шеста година далеч от София, моят роден град, а усещането е едно и също. Прибирам се у дома, седя два дни и искам вече да се махна. Хващам самолета, пристигам в чужбина, отново у дома, седя два дни и искам да се махна.

Дали лутането от една точна до друга е нормалния живот на глобализирания човек? Да имаш повече от един дом изглежда те оставя бездомен или поне те кара вътрешно да се чувстваш такъв.

Не бих казала, че е страдание. Не бих и казала, че е радост. По-скоро напомня на празнота. Да имаш свой дом винаги и навсякъде и да не го усещаш никога и никъде.