За нея.

На този свят често се говори

за онази сила, която зло не ще пребори.

Любовта е чудо и дарява с вечност,

лекува всяка човешка безсърдечност.

А когато търсиш най-чистия й вид,

най-добре хвърли един поглед скрит,

към твоята майка, мила или зла.

Тя винаги те обича, даже без причина една.

Когато търсиш себе си

Ако всички хора са еднакви на този свят,

то тогава вече няма нужда от рай и ад.

Ако всяка мисъл върви в една посока,

мнозина бягат от съдбата си жестока.

Ако всяко действие е всегласно одобрено,

страхът изчезва за време неопределено.

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A Memory of Eternity

If the sky exists and the earth is round,

thеn aren’t we forever bound

to feel the touch and smell the rain,

nothing really goes in vain.

Straight to the point: Extremism in Europe

Extremism is a phenomenon with many faces. It can manifest in different forms, ranging from extreme approaches in political, religious, economic or social sense of the term. In order to rightfully understand how extremism came upon us, the necessity to examine the origins of extreme attitudes in Europe is imperative. Only by addressing the real core of the issue, the possibility of overcoming the problem can be present. Continue reading “Straight to the point: Extremism in Europe”

Green Energy: Why is important to invest in renewable energy sources?

Recently, the efforts of more and more scientists are concentrated on exploring alternative energy resources. Change in the energy sector has become a major subject in science, economics and politics. Some scholars argue that it is pointless to invest in such resources. On one side they doubt the ability of renewable energy to ensure stable energy environment and on the other it is widely believed the benefits arising from such energy change not to be able to compensate the financial restrictions other sectors would have to undergo. A step on the path of energy change, however, would be a step made in achieving higher standard of living for all people.  Continue reading “Green Energy: Why is important to invest in renewable energy sources?”

In Search of Social Progress. Comparing Key Revolutionary and Protest Movements.


The first section of the paper discusses the issue of social division, the term itself and provides current examples in the face of latest demonstrations and movements. Recent events such as the mass demonstrations in America, the Arab Spring and protests around Europe are doubtlessly emphasizing the depth of the issue. In the continuation of the work, a comparison between protest and revolutionary movements in the beginning of the previous and the 21 century is drawn with the idea of finding similarities among them and tracking down the line of development and social evolution. The comparative approach used is of fundamental importance for acquiring a broader perspective about the changes happening and provides the opportunity for individual interpretation of the level of development reached for the last 100 years. Focus is mainly put on the Mexican and Russian revolutions in the beginning of the 20th century, the recent protests in the US and the Arab Spring. Further basic knowledge about the difference between protest and revolution is provided and the historical perspective regarding the events is constantly taken into account. Nevertheless the core element of the analysis is to discuss the question, whether we are not heading to even less united state of affairs and whether we are not contributing to even deeper division within societies or in general – whether we have actually reached any positive societal change for the last century? The exact answer is specifically subjective, but this paper aims to highlight the need for individual awareness on precisely that matter and sets the goal to favor the reader in building up his own position. In the ending part, short analysis and personal interpretation is revealed on the bases of the factors discussed. Continue reading “In Search of Social Progress. Comparing Key Revolutionary and Protest Movements.”

Speak or Don´t Listen

Vienna, 2014

Lately I cannot stop thinking about one particular habit I notice in many people that makes me wonder a lot. How is it possible to go through many days, weeks and even years without having a single conversation with another human being? It really amazes me, but believe me when I say, many people do that… They wake up, go on normally with their lives, meet other people and talk to no one! When the night comes, they go to bed and on the next day – the procedure repeats again. After some time the lack of interactions with others turns into a habit and in the end they simply continue living their lives without communicating one to another in any meaningful way. Continue reading “Speak or Don´t Listen”

Do not dare not to feel happy!

Vienna, 2014

Have you ever thought about what you need to possess in order to be an average normally existing person in Europe?

  • Around 100 profiles on different online platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Gmail … Tinder?!.)

  • Around 100 types of cards ( Bankcards: at least 3 types(credit card, debit card, second debit card – just in case), student card, Mensa card, public transport card, ID card, drivers lesson card and all of the member and discount cards possible.

  • Around 100 different certificates ( Birth certificate, Educational certificates, Work certificates and recommendations, additional activities certificates)

  • All types of technological devices possible (Smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers…)

  • A place to live

  • Work to go to

  • Money

Is that really all of what brings value to our lives and if not then why the fuck are we so unable to admit that we exist just for the time to pass by?

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Vienna, 2014

Thoughts of a 21 years old….

Recently I happen to read somewhere we are now living in the most peacefull time of all. This bold statement made me think about the validity of that thought, as I felt there was something quite disturbing about it. Indeed if we think about it nowadays the world has developed to a point where it´s almost impossible to wined up in a situation, where your best friend is for example accused of treason to the crown and in your schedule you are supposed to make room for the public hangig ceremony on the local square in town. It´s true that the chances of losing your beloved one due to mobilisation by the state army in war times, requesting full protection of the country, are also not that high. Probably no one in our extremely civilized and developed part of the world would be forced to defend his position by engaging in a duel and stabing his oponent repedetly with a long, sharp stick, he knows better how to use than his toothbrush. Yet does that really mean we are not fighting battles even now? What exactly is your perception about peace, people, and if we have indeed progressed to entering the civilized era of social organisation, how come it´s so hard to trully feel peaceful? Continue reading “Society/Deception/War”

Adam Smith´s Illusions and the Contemporary Confusions


In this essay I put focus on Smith’s theory of ethics and his perceptions on human nature. My aim is not to form a critical standpoint to “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” or deny the assumptions provided in his ethical and moral piece of work, but rather follows the idea of a historical, ethical and psychological research, which could provide with a rational answer to the question “What went wrong?”. Therefore, I will briefly examine the differences between the society nowadays and the society in Smith’s view with both the historical and time context taken into account. Within the analysis I try to constitute the turning points in economic and social terms, which have led to constructing a complex system of markets, societies, states and monopolies. A brief comparison with Smith’s predictions about human development in one free market system is provided, seeking to identify the differences between his viewpoint and contemporary facts. In the end all of this results in our ability to acquire an accurate picture about Adam Smith’s theoretical and analytical contribution, so as about their relevance today. Furthermore I also concentrate on the term “new slavery” and discuss high-profile criticism of the capitalist order, which is recently aligned with type of modern economic enslavement by many scholars. The role of the state is discussed in the essay as well. As I would like to drw a comprehensive comparison in order to find the established conncetion between Smith’s perceptions and contemporary reality, I will additionally focus on modern concepts, such as “Crony-capitalism”. In the end of the essay, the reader would be provided with a short historical time-line of both recent economic and social developments, in my prediction useful knowledge for understanding current socio-economical affairs. Hopefully, in the end of the work, the desire for further scholarly analysis regarding similar issues ,will be triggered, as the topic doubtlessly requires closer attention from experts.
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