Green Energy: Why is important to invest in renewable energy sources?

Recently, the efforts of more and more scientists are concentrated on exploring alternative energy resources. Change in the energy sector has become a major subject in science, economics and politics. Some scholars argue that it is pointless to invest in such resources. On one side they doubt the ability of renewable energy to ensure stable energy environment and on the other it is widely believed the benefits arising from such energy change not to be able to compensate the financial restrictions other sectors would have to undergo. A step on the path of energy change, however, would be a step made in achieving higher standard of living for all people.  Continue reading “Green Energy: Why is important to invest in renewable energy sources?”

Adam Smith´s Illusions and the Contemporary Confusions


In this essay I put focus on Smith’s theory of ethics and his perceptions on human nature. My aim is not to form a critical standpoint to “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” or deny the assumptions provided in his ethical and moral piece of work, but rather follows the idea of a historical, ethical and psychological research, which could provide with a rational answer to the question “What went wrong?”. Therefore, I will briefly examine the differences between the society nowadays and the society in Smith’s view with both the historical and time context taken into account. Within the analysis I try to constitute the turning points in economic and social terms, which have led to constructing a complex system of markets, societies, states and monopolies. A brief comparison with Smith’s predictions about human development in one free market system is provided, seeking to identify the differences between his viewpoint and contemporary facts. In the end all of this results in our ability to acquire an accurate picture about Adam Smith’s theoretical and analytical contribution, so as about their relevance today. Furthermore I also concentrate on the term “new slavery” and discuss high-profile criticism of the capitalist order, which is recently aligned with type of modern economic enslavement by many scholars. The role of the state is discussed in the essay as well. As I would like to drw a comprehensive comparison in order to find the established conncetion between Smith’s perceptions and contemporary reality, I will additionally focus on modern concepts, such as “Crony-capitalism”. In the end of the essay, the reader would be provided with a short historical time-line of both recent economic and social developments, in my prediction useful knowledge for understanding current socio-economical affairs. Hopefully, in the end of the work, the desire for further scholarly analysis regarding similar issues ,will be triggered, as the topic doubtlessly requires closer attention from experts.
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Question of Market Emergence and Doubt in Economic Fundamentals


The present paper is focused on the conditions under which trade actions between individuals and later on states occurred. The following analysis regards the attempt to discover whether markets emerged as a result of natural human behavior or as intentional human intervention in the societal relations. Therefore, key element of the analysis is the concept of social relations and construction of society. Through the disclosure of Jan-Jack Rousseau theories on social interconnection of individuals, the paper continues in analyzing the role and the relation of the marketplaces to the society structure. The analysis is also primarily structured around the heated debate on money origins and the roots of current monetary system. The importance of that focus relates to the fact that in order to build a complete and clear picture of the modern economic system, through tracing back causal links and identifying the essence of issues, the scientific community must be provided with correct base. Without recognizing the fundamentals, each subsequent scientific research is insufficient and consequently ineffective. Continue reading “Question of Market Emergence and Doubt in Economic Fundamentals”