Media Hunger and Election Games 2016

ARE YOU ALL HUNGRY FOR THE NEXT ELECTIONS?                                                                                                                                                    WE KNOW WE ARE!

November, 2016

2016 was a year rich of surprises for the modern political scene. If the result of the Brexit referendum presented an earthquake, then another powerful shockwave was felt when Trump officially became the next president of the United States. Yet, nowhere else was the ground shaking stronger than on the mainstream media surface.

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I have consciously chosen not to understand the difference between self interest and common interest!

–> In response to the nature of advocacy and lobbying activities, so popular among the policy circles in the center of the EU.

–> Currently, there are around 30.000 lobbyists working for different interest groups in Brussels. Many of them are former employees at the European institutions.

–> This number almost equals the total number of people working at the European Commission.

Straight to the point: Extremism in Europe

Extremism is a phenomenon with many faces. It can manifest in different forms, ranging from extreme approaches in political, religious, economic or social sense of the term. In order to rightfully understand how extremism came upon us, the necessity to examine the origins of extreme attitudes in Europe is imperative. Only by addressing the real core of the issue, the possibility of overcoming the problem can be present. Continue reading “Straight to the point: Extremism in Europe”

Green Energy: Why is important to invest in renewable energy sources?

Recently, the efforts of more and more scientists are concentrated on exploring alternative energy resources. Change in the energy sector has become a major subject in science, economics and politics. Some scholars argue that it is pointless to invest in such resources. On one side they doubt the ability of renewable energy to ensure stable energy environment and on the other it is widely believed the benefits arising from such energy change not to be able to compensate the financial restrictions other sectors would have to undergo. A step on the path of energy change, however, would be a step made in achieving higher standard of living for all people.  Continue reading “Green Energy: Why is important to invest in renewable energy sources?”

In Search of Social Progress. Comparing Key Revolutionary and Protest Movements.


The first section of the paper discusses the issue of social division, the term itself and provides current examples in the face of latest demonstrations and movements. Recent events such as the mass demonstrations in America, the Arab Spring and protests around Europe are doubtlessly emphasizing the depth of the issue. In the continuation of the work, a comparison between protest and revolutionary movements in the beginning of the previous and the 21 century is drawn with the idea of finding similarities among them and tracking down the line of development and social evolution. The comparative approach used is of fundamental importance for acquiring a broader perspective about the changes happening and provides the opportunity for individual interpretation of the level of development reached for the last 100 years. Focus is mainly put on the Mexican and Russian revolutions in the beginning of the 20th century, the recent protests in the US and the Arab Spring. Further basic knowledge about the difference between protest and revolution is provided and the historical perspective regarding the events is constantly taken into account. Nevertheless the core element of the analysis is to discuss the question, whether we are not heading to even less united state of affairs and whether we are not contributing to even deeper division within societies or in general – whether we have actually reached any positive societal change for the last century? The exact answer is specifically subjective, but this paper aims to highlight the need for individual awareness on precisely that matter and sets the goal to favor the reader in building up his own position. In the ending part, short analysis and personal interpretation is revealed on the bases of the factors discussed. Continue reading “In Search of Social Progress. Comparing Key Revolutionary and Protest Movements.”

Schengen – Criteria for accession to the Schengen area. The case of Bulgaria and Romania.

Bulgaria’s accession to the Schengen area is an issue of exceptional character, which in recent years turns into major topic of discussion on the international scene. I wrote something short and rather controversial on this case and now you have the chance to see my point of view.

In the 21 century the life of people is radically different from the one in previous decades. New developments in all areas form a common framework for all people and call for new ways of action. The private sector has been largely replaced by a public platform where everything is rather openly constructed and one is not subjected to defined limits, forcing him to close up in his own private space. Indication is the international political space, which is marked by common goals, visions and regulations between different countries. The European Union is an example of such a space which influences individual policies of states and their aggregation into one common international framework. Institutions in different countries operate almost entirely on international level and all the important operations are regulated by international treaties. Common work, common goals and common privileges are basic features of such format.

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