Understanding News Consumption and User´s Attitudes

The power of social media grows with every second of the time.

Digitalization spreads at the speed of light, putting more and more people in connection online. Following latest data sets, Facebook seems to play an important role in the life of 1.18 billion people, who tent to use the platform on daily bases and with that number account for total of 17% increase year over year. With five new profiles being opened every second, Facebook succeeds in attracting more people than any other digital platform or company so far.

Once realizing the enormous power of the social media, being able to catch the attention of large amount of digital users, it is essential to investigate how this power relates to news content and the spreadability of information. Continue reading “Understanding News Consumption and User´s Attitudes”

Journalism Changes – Entrepreneurial Journalism

The practice of journalism is a complex art going through constant changes with the development of new technologies and the overall progress of societies. With the latest innovations in the digital space, a new type of journalistic model emerges, combining features from both the business – marketing and the online media sphere. This hybrid journalist is given the respectful “entrepreneurial” title and is often seen as being able to heroically implement innovative start up skills, gather fast capital by fundraising, detect business niches with his entrepreneurial flair and sustain journalism quality with groundbreaking storytelling. The new figure of a skillful media worker with a business oriented mind-set has quickly turned in a symbol of hope for modern journalism. In result, the image of conventional journalism shifts to the model of business journalism with more and more educational institutions offering trainings in entrepreneurial practices, such as brand-making, story pitching and self-marketing strategies. Relying on institutional media organizations for employment is rejected by the pressure and responsibility to develop your own products and to become your own branded label. Continue reading “Journalism Changes – Entrepreneurial Journalism”